Inverness detail
turf and more soccer grass

Synthetic turf incorporating cutting-edge technology

Natural Look

Looks and feels like the real thing. Perfectly green and vibrant, without the fade, year-round.

Instant Recovery

Our turf springs back quickly after activity, keeping your space looking perfect, no matter the foot traffic.

Cooler turf

Designed to stay cool in the sun, offering a comfortable outdoor experience even on hot days.

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Product Range


A new way of understanding caespe
Combines durability with the graceful movement of natural grass, offering a serene and enduring landscape.

inverness 9 years guarantee instant recovery natural look
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Designed for Excellent Results
Stands strong against the elements, delivering both resilience and natural beauty.

natural look 8 years guarantee
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Premium Turf at Mid-Range Prices
Crafted to mimic the gentle dance of natural grass, Alpine offers a serene and durable landscape.

natural look 8 years guarantee
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Borneo 35

Heightened Sensation Underfoot
Epitomizes the strength of nature, offering durable, lush greenery with heightened comfort.

7 years guarantee
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Borneo 25

Astonishing Appearance
Experience the gentle caress of the wind embodied in Borneo 25’s soft, true-to-life aesthetic.

7 years guarantee
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Long-lasting warranty

Enjoy lasting peace of mind. Our warranty covers your turf, ensuring enduring quality and satisfaction.

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